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  Pollution Control Licensing System (PCLS)


The National Environment Agency (NEA) has made available many of its services online. In an effort to further enhance licensing services, with effect from 25 April 2018, the application for NEA pollution control licences will be transferred to a Whole-of-Government business licensing portal, LicenceOne, at https://licence1.business.gov.sg.

NEA will eventually cease the following electronic services for pollution control licensing on the Pollution Control Licensing System (PCLS), including draft applications. You can continue to view and make payment for existing applications that have been submitted through PCLS. For Toxic Industrial Waste monthly returns submission, licensees will still continue to submit the returns using PCLS.

The affected services include:

    1)  Hazardous Substances Licence
    2)  Hazardous Substances Permit
    3)  Hazardous Substances Transport Approval
    4)  Toxic Industrial Waste Collector's Licence*
    5)  Toxic Industrial Waste Transport Approval

Please refer to our step-by-step guide on how to apply, amend, renew and cancel your application via LicenceOne here. You are reminded that all pollution control licensing transactions are only accepted through the electronic portal at LicenceOne, including payment of fees with effect from 25 April 2018.

To apply for the above 5 licences in LicenceOne, please login using your CorpPass account. From 3rd Quarter of 2018, CorpPass will be the only login method for companies to transact with the Government. Please register for a CorpPass account now to prevent any disruption to your transactions. To register and set up your CorpPass account, please visit the CorpPass website at https://www.corppass.gov.sg.

*For Monthly returns, please continue to submit through the PCLS e-Service.

  You may wish to read the information below before accessing the Pollution Control Licensing System.
If you have no enquiry regarding the Pollution Control Licensing System, please click here to access the system.

Licence/ Permit Fees

  HS licence/Permit
    a)  New & Renewal of HS Licence fee: $525 (1 year)
    b)  Temporary Licence fee: $135 (3 months)
    c)  New & Renewal of HS Permit fee: $115 (1 year)
    d)  Amendment/Inclusion to HS Licence fee: $95
    e)  Amendment/Inclusion to HS Permit fee: $30 (No Change)
  TIWC licence
    a)  New & Renewal of TIWC Licence fee: $285
    b)  Amendment/Inclusion of TIWC Licence fee: $55

Modes of payment

  For current applicants, payment can be made through eNets-Debit and eNets-Credit.

Users for the PCLS includes:

  (a) Toxic Industrial Waste (TIW) Monthly Returns
  • For TIW Collector's licence holders to file monthly returns.
For help on filing monthly returns online, please click here. (Acrobat Reader required.)

Miscellaneous Matters


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